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I share my journey as an edupreneur to mentor busy moms like you on finding balance in your career and chase your dreams. The D.A.P. Collective is my premier mentor group to help you boost your productivity. 

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My mission is to help you unlock your unique skillset and set goals for your personal transformation.


Hey, hey, hey everybody! Let me shout out Dr.T for her awesome leadership and giving spirit ! This educator-entrepreneur has knowledge and knows how to teach it! I highly recommend her to anyone needing support in their business.

Dominique Prosper

Dr. Williams’ Bitmoji Classroom for Beginners today was EXCEPTIONAL! It was exactly what I needed. After hearing so may teachers talk about the hours and hours they are spending creating their Bitmoji classrooms was intimidating. However, this workshop today was well paced and informative for a beginner like me. I was able to create a virtual classroom with 5 slides (drafts below). I also learned how to build an engaging, educational and efficient virtual classroom for my students, that’s not just “cute!” Parents will also appreciate having our classroom information, updates, and assignments in one place!

Yvette Temple

Hi! I just went through the D.A.P. Collective program with Dr. Latilya and it was life changing. It re-ignited me!!! It was very informative and relatable. I’m 43 and it had that kind of impact, imagine what it could and would do for the young college graduate or entrepreneur!! She was/is Awesome!! A great teacher, hands down!

Creshia Trapp