Why I'm Your Mentor and Not Your Coach

Why I'm Your Mentor and Not Your Coach

Have you ever wondered why I introduce myself as your favorite mentor? I am going to tell you but I at least had to ask.

See by definition, a mentor is someone who shares their knowledge, expertise, years of experience and skills with you to help you develop and grow. But I’m going to keep it a buck,

I was not always willing to share my knowledge because I thought people weren’t listening to me. I didn‘t feel like I had enough experience to share that would be impactful. But the reality is that we can all learn something from one another that will help you grow.

Even with everything I had written down and the many goals I have set and accomplished over the years, I felt like I wasn’t doing enough. It’s hard to acknowledge your growth when you are hungry for more. I finally realized that this was a good thing and accepted my goal-driven life.

You have the power to create the life you want to live by showing gratitude, affirming your vision, and manifesting the outcomes you desire in your life through focused goal setting. You were not given this life to not walk in your purpose and be your best self, so I ask, what are you waiting for?

I could coach you, but I’d much rather be a shared journey of self-discovery as you put your skills, interests and talents to use for your greater good. Your life could change over the next six months if you wanted it too but you have to be willing to work.

Your short term goals will lead you into life-long satisfaction when you tap into what truly motivates you. Sharing my first-hand experiences is motivation enough for me because I had to learn by trying and even when I failed, I never gave up; I just readjusted. 

As an English teacher I encourage my students to show in their writing why stories develop versus telling me without elaboration and attention to detail. So I challenge you to do the same. Show me how you will develop over time as you write your goals down and create a plan to do exactly what you have promised yourself to do.

As you see opportunities to grow come your way, your confidence will increase and I’m here for it. So let’s get to work. If you want to make 2022 your best year yet, you can create your life’s blueprint here.


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