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I am LaTilya Rashon

Success Planning Workbook

Success Planning Workbook

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Your personal transformation is defined by three things in your life:

  1. Your Goals
  2. Your Capabilities
  3. Your self-identity

These three things do not come or change in any particular order but they are the push to transform into a better you. Opening yourself up to change is challenging yet rewarding and worth it when you begin to experience life in a different way. The journey is personal but a necessity. 

This workbook is your preview for:

  • Defining your Core Values
  • Prioritizing your accomplishments to set S.M.A.R.T. Goals
  • Setting your top 5 goals and creating a strategy to see your goals through
  • Create an action plan for your personal development
    - Expressing gratitude and appreciation for your life’s journey.
    - Life Reflections: Are you making progress?
    - How do you affirm yourself?
    - How to incorporate manifesting your dreams into your daily routine.


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Being DOPE Everyday is infused into Dr. LaTilya Rashon's message to help you develop opportunities to excel (DOPE). Setting DOPE Goals is the foundation to your success which is encouraged with The G.L.A.M. Planner. You are your own personal brand so why not transform your life while being DOPE at the same time.